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What is a Behaviour Veterinarian?

A behaviour vet is a registered veterinarian with further training and qualification in behavioural medicine. We are professionally trained and qualified to correctly diagnose an underlying cause of your pet’s behavioural issue and prescribe appropriate treatment, which may include a behavioural modification program, environmental management, and medication. We look after your pet’s mental health and behavioural problems while taking their overall physical health into consideration.

Do you only treat dogs?

Currently, we work with both cats and dogs (and their owners!).

How is a Behaviour Vet different from a trainer?

Training is no doubt essential in teaching our furry companions life skills. However, many behavioural issues are not obedience-related problems. Training alone will not resolve the underlying cause, such as anxiety and fear, affecting your pet’s ability to learn. The most obedient dog will still escape the yard when they panic in a storm!

Behaviour problems may be contributed by other underlying or concurrent medical conditions. Therefore, assessment by a veterinarian is very important, rather than relying on training to help resolve the issue.

Where do you see patients?

We do not have a physical office, and we service pets in their homes. Zoom consultations and consultations at your local vet clinics may be available if you do not live near Brisbane (QLD only) or have concerns about how your pet might feel about strangers coming to their home. Get in touch and let us know!

Do I need a referral to see you?

A referral is not required. However, it is recommended that your pet has had a recent general health check with your vet before seeing us because physical problems, such as pain and other medical illnesses, can contribute to your pet’s behavioural problem. A blood test and a urine test may be recommended before our consultation.

Does my pet need medication?

Medication may be prescribed when a mental illness is diagnosed as an underlying cause of a behavioural problem. Medication may be part of the treatment to reduce anxiety, fear, phobia, or aggression. By creating a calm mind, the brain is more receptive to learning in order for us to teach your pet an alternative, more desirable, and safer response to triggers.

Medication may also be prescribed to treat and slow down cognitive deterioration with age.

What training techniques do you use?

We are advocates of animal welfare. We do not use any punishment, and no harsh training methods or equipment will be used. We understand your pet’s motivation and only train them in a positive and rewarding way to make the experience fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Positive reinforcement is emphasised, as the process of managing problematic behaviour should not involve punishment.

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